Shearwater – You As You Were

Una de las razones de que sea usuaria asidua de la plataforma web es que, en base a la música que escucho, me hace recomendaciones. Y estas suelen ser bastante acertadas.

Así fue como descubrí a Shearwater no hace mucho. Me sorprendió su música y que tuvieran tantos discos en el mercado. Tras una sesión de spotify, me quedo con su último álbum (Animal Joy, 2012) y esta canción que me llena de energía (algo de lo que últimamente ando necesitada ;-)).

Comienza con ese piano repiqueteando, para subir el ritmo in crescendo y convertirse en una de esas canciones que no tiene estribillo. ¿O será la melodía completa un estribillo puro?


When you fell in the rocks
At the bend in the river
With the blood from your nose
Running hard on your fingers
And through the rest of your life

The electric charge
Of a change in the weather
You were touching my arm
You were holding a feather
And then I opened my eyes

And the World goes racing, suddenly changed
As the shock of the axe, it leaves you trembling
Like a busting shell in the small of your back
Or a job that’s hard on the cast of your little lie
And an animal life was surging away

And you were back on the road
Through the worst of the Winter
Through the Valley of Lies
Passing through like an arrow

Oh, if your vision collapsed
And a storm from the river
Like a golden medalion
Clutching tight in your fingers
But on the slope of the edge
Will you recover your life

You could stand on the back of a shuddering beam
With a pistol firing shots into the air
You could run in the blood of the Sun’s hard rays
You could drive the mountains down into the bay
Or go back to the East where it’s all so civilized
Where I was born to the life

But I am leaving the life
I am leaving the life
I am leaving the life
I am leaving the life
I am leaving the life
I am leaving the life
I am leaving the life
I am leaving the life
I am leaving

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