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Orson – No Tomorrow

OrsonLlega el fin de semana y toca un poco de marchita de la mano de Orson (que seleccionaron su nombre en honor a Orson Welles, el polifacético personaje cinematográfico). El estilo, definido por su propio cantante, Jason Pebworth, es «Rock and Roll que las chicas pueden bailar». Esta canción pegó el pelotazo logrando un record de descargas a través de iTunes en 2006, hecho que les ayudó a grabar su primer disco (para que luego digan las malas lenguas que Internet matará a la música…).


Let’s go to a rave,
And behave like we’re trippin’
Simply ‘cause we’re so in love.

Funny hats, shiny pants
All we need for some romance,
Go get dolled-up
And I’ll pick you up.

There’s no line for you and me
‘Cause tonight we’re V.I.P.
(I know somebody at the door).

I see that twinkle in your eye,
You shake that ass and I just die,
Let’s check our coats and move out to the floor.

When I’m dancing with you
Tomorrow doesn’t matter.
Turn that music up
‘Till the windows start to shatter
‘Cause you’re the only one who can get me on my feet.
And I can’t even dance.

Just look at me, Silly Me,
I’m as happy as can be
I got a girl who thinks I rock.
And tomorrow there’s no school,
So lets go drink some more Red Bull,
And not get home ‘till about 6:00.


Everybody here is staring
At the outfit that you’re wearing
Love it when they check you out.
Cover’s only twenty bucks,
And even if the dj sucks
It’s time to turn this mutha out!

When we’re together
There’s no tomorrow,
No Tomorrow.
When we’re together
There’s no one in the world
but you and me.
Just you and me.
You and me.

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