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Sister Hazel – Your Winter

Sister Hazel¿Echabais en falta mi vena ñoña? Pues no preocuparse, que vuelve a la carga. Y lo hace con este rock sureño que me recuerda enormemente a Counting Crows. El grupo Sister Hazel, que lleva ya seis discos a sus espaldas, es más conocido por su All for you. Pero yo me quedo con su baladón Your Winter. Auténtico rock de bar americano con su guitarreo y voz rasgada. Por cierto, el nombre viene de una famosa activista negra de Florida.

Con el frío que ha llegado de repente y sin avisar, queda que ni pintado eso de: «I don’t wont be your winter«. Donde esté el calorcito….


The grey ceiling on the earth
Well it’s lasted for a while
Take my thoughts for what they’re worth
I’ve been acting like a child
In your opinion, and what is that?
It’s just a different point of view

What else can I do?
I said I’m sorry, yeah I’m sorry.
I said I’m sorry, but what for?
If I hurt you then I hate myself
I don’t want to hate myself, don’t want to hurt you
Why do you choose your pain?
If you only know how much I love you, love you

I won’t be your winter
I won’t be anyone’s excuse to cry
We can be forgiven
I will be here

The old picture on the shelf
Well it’s been there for a while
A frozen image of ourselves
We are acting like a child
Innocent and in a trance
A dance that lasted for a while

You read my eyes just like your diary,
oh remember, please remember
Well, I’m not a beggar, but what’s more
If I hurt you, then I hate myself,
And I don’t wanna hate myself, don’t wanna hurt you
Why do you choose your pain?
If you only knew how much I love you


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