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Skin – Faithfulness

Skin – FaithfulnessVolvemos a la carga tras unos días de descanso (por cierto, pronto cogeré vacaciones, y conmigo, también este blog).

Deborah Dyer, la ex-voz del grupo Skunk Anansie, decidió un día aventurarse en solitario como Skin (el nombre viene de skinny, flaca) y en su disco debut (Fleshwounds, 2002) podemos encontrar esta oda llena de fuerza. Una voz peculiar para una cantante peculiar. Que la fidelidad sea con vosotros 😉


Distracts me from my ever changing
My mouth upon the richest tongues
I run for this
Static at the same time by it all

Common sense
Can slap me in the face
And yet I calm disent
Embarrassed by your obvious
Disgusted at the same time by it all
Watching as my ego breaks your fall

Don’t you know that I’ve
Been running from you heart
And I feel like you’ve been running too

Don’t you know that I’ve
been lying from the start
And I feel like you’ve been lying too.

Leave you now
Can’t convince myself
That you’re the one somehow
To free me from this smile
I call my loneliness
Stuck inside this need to feel complete
Now I’ve left you standing on your feet


Faithfulness is just a little rule
We break
Still pretending lust was just a fool
we faked, we made


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